REST 100

( Revolutionary - Emerging - Surviving - Tragedy)

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REST 100 His rap name R.E.S.T stands for Revolutionary Emerging Surviving Tragedy. The 100 is for is absolute ability to keep it straight up with anyone. Born January 1st 1987 From New York City

Despite his many disadvantages in life he has literally risen from the ashes to build his own empire. REST 100 wrote a book on his life. Created 10 albums/ Mixtapes to date. Also Touring accross the country from Florida to California in the laste decade. REST 100 has also been recognized for serving his community through the youth organizations and commmunity action organizations, REST 100 has been able to achieve what most would describe as the impossible. Proudly representing his music and positive effect on those surrounding him REST 100 was honored with his own Proclamation day in the city of Cincinnati OH. (November 6th ).