Lighthouse aka

MPC King


John Lightfoot AKA Lighthouse was born in Cincinnati in the late 70's. Earlier on through out his childhood John took a liking to music right away. While in Elementary School John learned how to play several instruments including  the saxophone, clarinet, and the trumpet. His love for music followed him to High School. John acquired a set of turntables and a Dj mixer this would be the starting point of things and changes to come.

 While practicing Djaying one day a few friends suggested that John should start making copies of his Dj mixes. John started passing out mix tapes in high school and they became a instant hit. It led to him Djaying his first house party. One thing led to another and John was spinning 3 to 4 times a month doing house parties on weekends. Shortly after graduating high school and while attending college Lighthouse was giving an opportunity to audition for a dj spot at one of the top clubs in Cincinnati at the time Caddy's. And while he landed this position on his next investment move would bring forth the current chapter to his life.

Lighthouse in the spring of 1999 decided that he wanted to get into music production. So he purchased his first pieces of studio equipment. A Akai MPC 2000, Yamaha PSR 700 keyboard series, Boss DR-16, and a Fostex Dmt 8 Vl Digital Multi Track Recorder. Because of his music back ground he picked up on how to operate his equipment quickly. Lighthouse began shopping his beats around the city. One day while a friend was over at his house listening to beats. His friend begin to write. Another friend that was over started writing as well. Lighthouse recorded that track and the rap group 5th element was born. 5th element begin performing shows all across Ohio Kentucky and Indiana. 5th Element opened up for mainstream acts such as Kymani Marley and Total.

 While Djaying in the early 2000's Lighthouse became Assistant Director of 3rd Finger Record pool. The music industry sends its newest releases to the pool of DJs; in exchange, the pool provided feedback on each release as well as exposure in their clubs. Lighthouse built a solid relationships with a few record labels as a result. Lighthouse also Djayed a popular radio show at the time on WAIF Fm "The Open Mind Session". Where he was on the air waves for several years.

  From early 2000 to present Lighthouse has kept a heavy presence in music scene in the city of Cincinnati. He is a producer with a wide range of style and sound. Everything from hip-hop, to smooth Neo Soul R&B Lighthouse production style is limitless. With 19 years of experience Lighthouse brings a unique sound to the TSE family