Bobby Boucher is an African American producer born in the Tri-state area in the late 80s and raised in New England

Boucher started off as a musical artist in the early 2000s as a member of A.R.E.A squad. As time passed Boucher had numerous collaborations with local artist and a couple of his own mixtapes out before focusing on producing music in 2016 where he truly found his calling, thanks to his long time friend/mentor Sleepy Eies.

Boucher’s style is unique and raw, mainly inspired by 70s funk and 80s R&B/Rap, there is no genre he cannot produce. The man listens to anything and everything, you ask for it and he delivers.

In 2017, Boucher was briefly mentored by a producer named Track Junkee while living down South in Georgia, Track Junkee is known to have worked with Zaytoven, Gucci Mane and other Atlanta artist over the years.

Boucher has also worked with rising stars such as TSE’s own Young Fuego and Massachusetts own Aston Martin Piff. In early 2018, Boucher signed with TSE.